Spring Jewelry Collection

While recently it’s been difficult to go outside and enjoy spring, I’ve still been able to find ways to celebrate the blooming of spring! Self isolation has been rather dull, but I take comfort in knowing that all the people who are staying in are doing their part in slowing the spread of the pandemic. Fortunately for me, boredom has been the largest problem I’ve had to face. I know that there are many people who have been directly impacted by the virus, lost their livelihoods or are struggling to find the support they need when everything is closed. I would encourage anyone reading this to reach out to people they know and offer support in this time of need.

On a more lighthearted note, I will now introduce this collection ( which is more of an earring collection than a jewelry collection). It is inspired mainly by two things: my appreciation for spring greenery and my excessively comprehensive earring collection. After deciding that my horde of earrings had reached a size that needed to be capped, I resolved to stop buying more. And then I started to make earrings. At this point I realized that this problem had spiralled out of my control and accepted that my collection would inevitably grow. I have yet to run out of storage space, but fear that the day is near… please send help.

~ Fuzzy Fungi

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