“Thanks A Brunch” Bag Pattern

I originally designed and made this bag for Father’s Day, but I think it makes a pretty great thank-you present for anyone who loves puns! This bag was inspired by my family’s tradition of having brunch together on the weekend and by my dad’s groan-inducing sense of humour. Looking at the pictures, you may notice that the style of bag is loosely based on granny square bags. I had a waffle lot of fun making this egg-celent bag and have bacon quite the pun master in the meantime! You can purchase my pattern for $3 on Etsy!


Level: Intermediate

Yarn: Worsted Weight (4 Medium)

Hook: 4.5 mm (G/7)

Yardage: (Total of 547 m)

  • Green: 130 m
  • Red: 59 m
  • White: 136 m
  • Brown: 167 m
  • Blue: 48 m
  • Yellow/Pink: 7 m