Witchin’ Ghost Free Halloween Pattern

Why was the ghost so confused when it found someone’s pointy hat?

Cause it couldn’t figure out witch it belonged to!!

Hahaha… All bad jokes aside, here’s a BOO-tiful pattern for a spook-tacular ghost! Happy Halloween!!!

Angel Wing Earrings

These earrings are a great summer project when you don’t feel like working on a scarf or sweater in the sweltering heat!! These wings are based on some techniques I learned from Irish Crochet which create a nicely textured look. You can choose to add beads as an accent to the piece, making it easily customized!

I’ve decided to start uploading my patterns as PDF files instead of images, which is a lot easier for me and will help retain the visual quality of each page 🙂

Star Trek Starfleet Patch

Being a Trekkie, (I was initiated by my father) I have enjoyed following this franchise to boldly go where no man – or rather no one? – has gone before! I watched every single movie with my brother and… still have yet to decide whether Star Trek or Star Wars is better. Unfortunately, this means that over the years, I have gotten the brunt of both sides of the fan-war. Yikes! Nevertheless, once I was set down the path of fandom, resistance (as they say) was futile. And so I found myself having joined yet another fandom again!

20 Minute Crochet Canada Day Patches/Pins

Happy (early) Canada Day!!! If you’re looking for something to make for your celebrations, these patches/pins are a cute and fast way to get festive! You can sew or pin these onto your clothing, bag and wherever else you like.