Star Trek Starfleet Patch

Being a Trekkie, (I was initiated by my father) I have enjoyed following this franchise to boldly go where no man – or rather no one? – has gone before! I watched every single movie with my brother and… still have yet to decide whether Star Trek or Star Wars is better. Unfortunately, this means that over the years, I have gotten the brunt of both sides of the fan-war. Yikes! Nevertheless, once I was set down the path of fandom, resistance (as they say) was futile. And so I found myself having joined yet another fandom again!

20 Minute Crochet Canada Day Patches/Pins

Happy (early) Canada Day!!! If you’re looking for something to make for your celebrations, these patches/pins are a cute and fast way to get festive! You can sew or pin these onto your clothing, bag and wherever else you like.